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April 25 , 1999 - Sunday Sermon

In reading the St. Luke 6, I found that hidden behind all those words that God gave Jesus was a simple message; GIVE.

God sent his Son not only to say words, but to show the way to work for God, and that way is giving. We will have this world for a long time, well for as long as we live, and those coming after us will too have this same world.Wealth, fame, and land are things that we are not sure we can pass on; but the knowledge of God and the spirit of giving is the only true gift that can be passed from generation to generation.

Without caring and giving there isn't much to this life. Jesus ate corn in a place where it was not supposed to be eaten to show that corn was for man's hunger and not for tradition. He healed the sick to show that it was not a curse to be sick, but a blessing for those of us who help the weak recovery from illness.

Yes, Jesus' way of showing us that if we give God will always give back. It is always easier to give to the poor than to pray that God feeds us. Not to mention how easy it is to put a few dollars in the offering pan at church; but to see to it that the person that has no food and has no belief in God has a warm meal, and to see that a person that never comes to church can always have a reason to look up to heaven and thank God Almighty for the good that we do for them seems to be the "hidden message" behind all those words.

This Bible is the hand book of Love, and love is Giving.

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