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June 27 , 1999 - Sunday Sermon


Religion is the doctrine of helping people.

It's like this life is filled with so many holes, and most of us fall into one every second.

Some of us fall so deep that no one can pull us out.

Often we fall when going against the laws of God...

Lying, hating, stealing, forgetting our parents, or looking for other gods for answers are generally the holes into which we fall.

Every man, woman, and child has this fate of falling.

Religion is the understanding of the obstacles that we face, it is the understanding that mankind is blind to the deep holes that await us; and the knowledge that the one who causes this blindness keeps the way slippery.

Religion is that extra found strength when yanking a hanging brother or sister from the edge of a rocky cliff, right after you've pulled another hand a minute before.

Religion is the understanding that it is the grace of God that you can see the seeded holes and the hanging souls. Having religion is not being boastful of the sight we have, but the gratefulness for the hand that dragged us out of the hateful holes and painful pits into which we blindly slid.

Where is RELIGION?

Where ever there is a starving soul that gets fed; a wounded, bleeding person getting a bandage, a fatherless child getting a kind word, or a widowed mother getting her sister's help religion is present.

We can never move the holes and pits out of life, but with God's Will we can teach others that just because our brother or sister has fallen into a pit doesn't mean he or she can no longer use a helping hand.

If we can see them in the hole then we can reach them as long as we use all our strength; not trying to save any for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not promised.

How can we act on RELIGION?

1. Show the way. Mark those holes.

2. No matter the dirt or reproach, always be willing to extend a helping hand.

3. Keep God as the Judge, remember the hole came with the world.

4. As God gave his son Jesus to be the Savior for every slipping soul, we too must be willing save others.

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