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Youth Center History

Humble, Texas 77347 A mugger and street brawler at age 15, GEORGE FOREMAN saw his life going nowhere but from one cheap bottle of wine to another. After President Lyndon Johnson had started the JOB CORPS, George saw an athletic idol on a television commercial saying, "If you have dropped out of school and want a second chance in life, then the JOB CORPS is for you." Since George was
going nowhere and getting there fast he took the first step-off to Oregon and then on to California where he met Doc Broaddus, a JOB CORPS counselor and boxing coach, who told George to redirect his life from alley fighting and dedicate himself to a single task - boxing; he (George) had the potential to be a world champion. In 1968, after winning the Gold Medal in the heavyweight division of the Olympics, George walked around inside the ring waving a miniature American flag. When asked, "Why,?" George said, "I wanted everyone in the world to know I was an American and proud of the opportunity that I was given to do what I had done." In January, 1973, GEORGE FOREMAN became the Professional HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

The Man With a Vision

Big George built The George Foreman Youth & Community Center in 1984 with money Foreman had saved through his eight year retirement. Big George wanted to create a haven for kids to hang out. He insisted that the kids would not be in any way indoctrinated - he just wanted the kids to come.

The youth center was one of George's biggest inspirations to jump back into the ring. After a successful year of support, Foreman's accountant told him that he
would go broke if he continued to use his own money to support the center. Foreman had no intentions of giving up or begging for money to support the center. He knew that he would have to do it himself. Big George jumped into the ring a year later. The rest is history.


If you would like to send a donation you can send it to:

The George Foreman Youth & Community Center
2202 Lone Oak
Houston, TX 77093

Youth Center Updates

The George Foreman Youth Center was well represented by their boxing team at the recent Golden Gloves Tournament held in Pasadena, TX
Jan. 24-27, 2007


Youth Center Website


Boxing Lessons.  
6 Lessons for a $100 donation
to the youth center.
To sign up, email
or call (281) 987-8743

Sign Up

Once you have signed up, send an email to to schedule your first lesson.

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